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What are the advantages of subscribing to Keyfirst +?

Telephone support from our dedicated experts from Monday to Saturday.

Privileged access to our Keyfirst + website with a wealth of technical information to keep you up to date with daily technological advances.

A 5% discount on adaptable car remotes purchased on our site, making your technical support contract profitable.

Permanent access to product notifications as well as the latest upgrades, downloads and patches according to the latest manufacturer's updates (updates are charged according to the validation date).

Communication with support experts by phone, chat or online, as well as access to a vast knowledge base of known solutions and self-help features to keep you up to date with the latest technological developments in the automotive world. 

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Choose the option that suits your needs. The Keyfirst + subscription guarantees you technical support 6 days a week and a 5% discount on all your orders. The technical ticket is a one-off. It generates an assistance request for a problem.

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